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At "The Living Room," we pride ourselves on curating a diverse range of events that cater to various interests and occasions. Our goal is to provide our community members with unforgettable experiences that bring people together and foster connections. 

Themed Birthday Parties: Celebrate your special day in style with our themed birthday parties. From gaming-themed extravaganzas to elegant soirées, we create an ambiance that matches your chosen theme, complete with decorations, personalized menus, and entertainment options that make your birthday truly memorable.


Social Gatherings: Our space is a perfect setting for social gatherings of all kinds. Whether it's a casual get-together with friends, a family reunion, or a networking event, we provide the ideal backdrop for mingling, sharing stories, and creating lasting memories.

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Workshops: Engage your mind and learn something new at our workshops. From gaming masterclasses to culinary workshops, artistic endeavors, and skill-building sessions, we offer a platform for both experts and enthusiasts to share their knowledge and learn from one another.

Celebrations: Whatever the reason for celebration – anniversaries, achievements, or just life itself – we're here to make it extraordinary. Our team crafts a tailored experience that matches the significance of the occasion, ensuring that every moment is cherished.

Kitties and Social Clubs: TLR provides a welcoming space for social clubs and kitty parties. Gather your group, enjoy our delicious food and beverages, and engage in meaningful conversations while creating a sense of camaraderie.

Seasonal and Holiday Events: Embrace the spirit of the seasons with our specially curated holiday events. From festive decorations to themed menus and entertainment, we capture the essence of each season and create an atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Gaming Tournaments: Dive into the excitement of competitive gaming with our gaming tournaments. Whether it's console gaming, e-sports, or board games, our events provide a platform for enthusiasts to showcase their skills, bond over shared interests, and compete for exciting prizes.

Collaborative Events: Partnering with local businesses, artists, and community organisations, we create collaborative events that enrich the community experience. This includes pop-ups, art showcases, and cultural exhibitions.


At "The Living Room," our event curation goes beyond traditional boundaries, aiming to create immersive, enjoyable, and memorable experiences for our community. Whatever your interest or occasion, you'll find an event that resonates with you and connects you with others who share your passions.


Join us for a journey of celebration, learning, and entertainment like no other.

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